Saturday, January 29, 2011

Changes? Already?

Tigress here, and yes, there have already been changes made to how getting Dream World up and running is going to occur.  First off, I will no longer be doing any modeling.  After attempting to create a simple dresser I gave up.  It took me six tries and I hadn't even come close to getting it right. What's so hard about making a box look interesting anyway? I guess modeling and art really isn't in my genes.  Second, we have opted to go with a standard PC platform instead of the iOS as Apple charges $99/year to be a developer. Taking that cost in addition to the cost of getting a liscence from UDK, at $99 (at first I might add) well that is $200 I know we don't have.  That being said, perhaps we will be able to store some money away and be able to afford the distrubtion cost of $99 when we are ready to publish.

But, on a good note, that means I am going to be able to do more work on levels, planning them out to fruition better and other good things.  It also means that overall, our game is going to be bigger.  And while bigger can sometimes be better, when the game starts out as 8 levels and is now getting bigger, well, in my honest opinion, that is better. At least we will have a game that when people buy (hopefully) they aren't left thinking, "I paid $5 for this? It has hardly any levels. Its like paying a dollar per level, that just sucks."

Anyway, I better get back to work. GDD is almost, well, sort of done. And I am starting to plan the first level layout. Hopefully screen shots come next!

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