Saturday, January 29, 2011

Introducing Myself!

Hi! Tigress (yes, that is an alias) here! I just wanted to drop a note saying hi to everyone, and to let you know a little about me, the company, and the game.

I am a game dev here at ORS.  I have a degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design from ITT Tech, and currently I play the role of just about everything as ORS is extremely small.  I will be the writer for the game design document (GDD) for Dream Game (working name), as well as level editor, and simple 3d modeler.

ORS is a game design company that is trying to get a start in a cut throat world, and by start I mean we are brand new! We currently have no games out, and most of you probably haven't heard of us.  But we aren't worried. You'll be speaking our name soon enough!

We decided that we would start by creating a simple game. We don't currently have a name for the game, but we are calling it Dream Game.  The premise of the game is that the lines of reality are being blurred and it is up to the player to restore the balance.  It will be simple in that there is only going to be about 8 'levels' or so. There is much more complexity about the game after the level limit, but I can't go into too much detail, yet!

Well, I'm off to get started on the GDD. Hope to be back with some good news soon!