Sunday, January 30, 2011

UDK Makes My Head Hurt

Tigress here! So even though I have plenty of experience in UDK, I used it for several projects, about a year's worth of work in school, it still makes my head hurt.  I just got the newest edition and I have to say I am not exactly pleased with all of the 'new' features.  Not a fan of the fact that every viewports changes when I move just one of them. Sometimes I just want to move slightly and seeing all the viewports move makes me kind of sick. I guess I will be using the 'fullscreen' view option a lot more.

Also, I apparently have conversion issues.  I tried to make a room, but I kept making it a bit too small. Now that I have gotten some of that out of the way, I hope that I will be able to adjust my numbers so that future areas are not as hard to create.

I have the first room completely made, now I just need some textures and then for Raven to finish the bed, dresser, and lamp for the area.  Then I am going to get them into the room. I expect screenshots of it by the end of this upcoming week! Even if we don't have everything ready!