Sunday, February 6, 2011

Following the Map to Success! ^_^

Hey, everyone, Raven Knight here again to report another piece of success.  This involves me finally learning how to create custom texture maps to be used on our custom models, or on models offered for free use.  Using the UVW Unwrap feature of 3DS Max, the upper image below can be used as a texture for a 3D model, as it is shown in the lower picture below.  This will allow me to apply much more detailed textures to my models and also be able to import those textures directly into UDK.  3DS Max does export the UVW texture coordinates when it exports the model, so the same texture map will work in UDK the same as it works in 3DS Max!  I count this as a big step forward, as during my time in school the concept of UVW Unwrap and texture mapping somehow managed to elude me...  Some things are just hard to understand until you really need them and force yourself to sit down and do it!

The UVW mapped textures, this is just a test texture map
The resultant model in 3DS Max with the test texture map applied


  1. Nice job! I've tried 3ds max before, and I can't figure the darn thing out. =P I'm officially impressed.

  2. Thanks! ^_^ And thanks for reading!

  3. Nice, quality stuff here...looking forward to seeing the game project's progress.

    U Laugh U Lose

  4. wow, that looks pretty neat. i need to try out 3ds max. my friends have used it before but i haven't and heard a lot of great things about it.