Thursday, February 3, 2011

Raven Knight - On The Scale

I have solved the first problem for the game!  I am now able to export a model from 3DS Max, convert it to a .ase file, and then load that file into UDK.  It took a bit of work to get the scaling right, the first time I imported this shop the building was only suitable for giants in the world of UDK... but I have corrected that little problem.  It turns out that 16 UDK units = 1 foot, so I set the 3DS Max system up to scale in feet, 16 3DS Max units = 1 foot, and the results are what this picture shows.  ^_^

Additionally, I found a better way to do the UVW mapping from 3DS Max so I can texture more complex objects with much better accuracy than before.  For this picture I haven't taken the time yet to apply a texture, but this picture is just to test the scale vs. the size of an ordinary character, shown by the skeletal mesh I added to the picture.  So I hope to have more detailed pictures up soon!


  1. Looks great! Hope to see more!

  2. can't wait for the detailed pics! this looks pretty cool