Thursday, March 3, 2011

Changing Places

I found the answer to a problem I had thought might be a big one, but the answer turned out to be very simple.  What I needed to accomplish was switching from one map to another in UDK so only one part of the game needs to be loaded at any given point.  Loading all parts of all of the maps at the same time would probably pose a difficult task for the best of computers!  It turns out there is a really simple console command that can be used to do this... "open YourMapNameHere"  Pretty straight forward.  So this command can be triggered whenever the player crosses a place that a new map is needed, as shown in the demo video.  The trigger point is under the archway so when the player passes under the arch the new map is loaded.

The kismet code sample and the placement of the trigger I used are shown here:

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