Saturday, March 5, 2011

*Doing the Happy Dance*

It's not often that I have more than one post in a single day! Today has been a big one! Not only did I get moving an object working properly, I also have succeeded in importing a .swf file created in Adobe Flash, importing it into UDK and having it be functional there!  Additionally, I found a way to have areas of the game load in only as needed to save computer resources on large games!  Level streaming!  I have heard of it and even tried it before, but it never made any sense... until now!  Something just clicked and I got it to work!  The video below shows an example of everything I accomplished.  It shows the player moving a box, activating the .swf movie clip (shows the bottle and the number, the function is that the number increases by one when the player hits a hidden trigger), and traveling between areas that load separately and unload when the player leaves them.  If anyone is interested in more details on how these things work, let me know!

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